This is the home of the Pitt Alumni Association of Europe, a loosely coupled community of Pitt alumni throughout Europe.

We strive to help anyone from Pitt get in contact with a local alum in Europe, when you need to, or to find someone familiar to talk to when you’re in a strange city by yourself on business or otherwise and just would like to catch up on Pitt stuff.

Please follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook) and share our posts to help reach all of our fellow Pitt alumni over the world.

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Get Involved

There are couple of ways by which you could get involved and help other Pitt alumni or current Pitt students.


Slack channel

If you’d like to get involved with the Pitt community in Europe, please subscribe to our Slack channel. Like and share as many of our content to enlarge our global reach.

Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check often to see if there are any new posts for you to share with your followers.

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Pitt Commons

You can join Pitt Commons, Pitt’s new community communication platform. Create a profile, find a few old friends and see what happens!

Shout Out

Finally, if you yourself want to host an event in your area for Pitt alumni and their families, let us know! We’ll post your event online and promote it with known alumni in your area through the Pitt Alumni Association. Who knows, there may be more fellow Pitt Panthers in your neck of the woods than you know!

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Do you have specific questions for us? Could you use our help with something Pitt-related in your country? Are you looking for an alumni or two who could possibly help you out? Then use the form below to contact us:

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It is hard to forget your life at Pitt, we know. For everyone, college life was a life changing moment. Pitt is no different. But Pitt is special, of course! The Cathedral of Learning, the beautiful city, the many cultures, the landscape, the Point, North side and South side, the incline, Kennywood! Pitt is not just a University, it is a landmark!

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Pitt Towers Bridge

The many common rooms of Pitt serve as a lasting reminder that the world is big, bigger than you think. But the Pitt connection will always be there. Everyone has their stories and they’ll all be different. But you can connect instantly with a fellow alum if you mention Pitt… That’s what this association wants to accomplish.

The Pitt Europe club works together with other alumni associations because over the years many cross-relations have been made. It’s hard to ignore one bond when you’re talking about another close one. Here is list of our ties, so far…

Pitt Study Abroad

We connect Pitt students with study abroad opportunities around the world. Start your adventure today

Pitt ESC

EUCE/ESC is responsible for coordinating and developing scholarship, teaching, and community events related to Europe! Following does not imply endorsement.

Office of International Services

The Office of International Services at Pitt! Here for our international students, scholars, staff & faculty