It’s final: “the O” will be replaced

The Pitt News brought the final word recently: The space where Essie‚Äôs Original Hot Dog Shop aka “the O” was located on 5th Avenue will be the site of two new restaurants sometime in 2021.

It’s the end of 60 years, a legacy and a sad day in the lives of several generations of Pitt students and alumni.


The “O” closes its doors in Pittsburgh

It seems one of the icons and landmarks of Pittsburgh and especially the Pitt Campus has shut its doors.

The Original Hot Dog Shop in Oakland was empty on Saturday afternoon and word spread quickly around social media, including a message from Pitt Football coach Pat Narduzzi.
French fries on a tray from the Pittsburgh "O" in Oakland, the Original Hot Dog Shop
Tray of French fries from the “O”, photo by Christian Peper

It’s crazy to even think of it, I’m so glad I was able to briefly visit this legendary place on my list visit to Pittsburgh in 2016.

The Corona crisis and the lockdown probably hurt the shop badly and the owner had donated 35,000 lbs of potatoes to the good cause “Light of Life” earlier.

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